Robert Asprin

Stealers' Sky

The twelfth entry in the shared-world fantasy series finds wrongs righted, debts paid, and the city swathed in a mysterious dust storm.
With the completion of its new wall, Sanctuary seems peaceful and prosperous. The Beysib and Rankan invaders now favor diplomacy over military action. The wharves that once hosted only fishermen are now full of trade ships carrying merchandise to the city, and the streets, once full of warring factions, are calm. But soon warriors are preparing for battle as strong winds out of the desert bring swirling clouds of sand and dust, enveloping the city in chaos. It is the perfect time for thieves to strike . . .
The original shared-world fantasy adventure series ends with this collection, featuring stories by some of fantasy’s best authors like Robert Lynn Asprin, Andrew Offutt, John DeCles, Duane McGowen, Diana L. Paxson, C. J. Cherryh, Robin W. Bailey, and Lynn Abbey.
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