Bea Davenport

In Too Deep

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    At what stage are you having an affair?” said the presenter. “Is it when you first make love? When you first kiss?”
    “I would say,” answered Sandra, who was a good woman, by the sound of her. “I would say it’s when you first ever deceive your partner. It’s when you first go for lunch with someone else, without mentioning it to your wife. It’s when you first have those long, intimate phone calls. You don’t have to kiss at all. Your affair starts with your first little deception, your first little omission.”
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    I use Sundays to catch up with my sleep.”
    Svetlana Voroninacompartió una citahace 5 años
    But I guess he wouldn’t be so keen to entertain me if I looked like the back of a bus, would he?”
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