Louisa May Alcott

Little Women

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    "I'll let my castle go, and stay with the dear old gentleman while he needs me, for I am all he has.
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    “There, I’ve done my best! If this won’t suit I shall have to wait till I can do bet­ter.”
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    I don't think it's fair for some girls to have plenty of pretty things, and other girls nothing at all
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    Money is a need­ful and pre­cious thing—and, when well used, a no­ble thing—but I never want you to think it is the first or only prize to strive for. I’d rather see you poor men’s wives, if you were happy, beloved, con­tented, than queens on thrones, with­out self-re­spect and peace.”
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    “It is only an­other name for try­ing to be good, and the story may help us; for though we do want to be good, it’s hard work, and we for­get, and don’t do our best.”
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    hate to think I've got to grow up, and be Miss March, and wear long gowns, and look as prim as a China Aster! It's bad enough to be a girl, anyway, when I like boy's games and work and manners! I can't get over my disappointment in not being a boy. And it's worse than ever now, for I'm dying to go and fight with Papa. And I can only stay home and knit, like a poky old woman
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    how rich she had been in things more precious than any luxuries money could buy—in love, protection, peace, and health, the real blessings of life.
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    Hither, hither, from thy home,
    Airy sprite, I bid thee come!
    Born of roses, fed on dew,
    Charms and potions canst thou brew?
    Bring me here, with elfin speed,
    The fragrant philter which I need.
    Make it sweet and swift and strong,
    Spirit, answer now my song!
    A soft strain of music sounded, and then at the back of the cave appeared a little figure
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    I hate to think I’ve got to grow up, and be Miss March, and wear long gowns, and look as prim as a China-aster! It’s bad enough to be a girl, any­way,
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    Tell them I think of them by day, pray for them by night, and find my best com­fort in their af­fec­tion at all times.
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