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The Cherries Quiz Book

So, you’re a bit of an AFC Bournemouth brain-box? If that’s the case then put yourself to the test with this Official Cherries Quiz Book. Test yourself, your family and friends and have some fun finding out just who knows what about the Cherries.
Included in this book are 100 quizzes and 1000 questions covering many eras of the Cherries’ rich history. Bang up-to-date with questions from the current 2019/20 Premier League campaign, the quiz book covers many of the club’s great moments including the 1986/87 Third Division title success, the exciting John Bond era of the early ‘70s, the heroic 1956/57 FA Cup run as well as the many promotion-winning seasons that the club have enjoyed along the way.
Packed with interesting facts and featuring many of the club’s all-time greats as well as those who sampled just a fleeting moment of fame while decked in red, white and black — the Cherries Quiz Book is there for you to dip in and out of whenever you want to test or top-up your AFC Bournemouth knowledge.
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