Kirstyn Cogan

Urban Scandinavian Sewing

Create Scandinavian-style wearables and home décor, discover the culture, and enjoy a few recipes, in this unique sewing guide.
Stitch your way to Scandinavian style as you embrace minimal, sleek design. Luxuriate in the textures of summery linens and winter wools as you sew 18 projects, from upscale home decor to wearables. You’ll love the chic yet beginner-friendly stitching and embroidery patterns—the perfect way to embellish ready-mades or to sew from scratch. These projects offer beautiful, functional designs for contemporary living. Designer and author Kirstyn Cogan immerses you in her Nordic culture, with handcrafted modern items to make for your home and family—plus scrumptious-sounding recipes and scintillating tidbits about the regional traditions.
Praise for Urban Scandinavian Sewing
“Another great book for lovers of the modern style. Kirstyn shares her love of Scandinavian culture and design with 18 projects, as well as recipes and stories that transport you to a place of simple beauty and esthetic.” —Quilter’s Connection Magazine
“With the book divided into makes for winter and “midsummer,” there should be enough to keep you crafting year-round. The quilting projects are basic, but wouldn't something like this applique quilt just hit the spot thrown over your IKEA Malm bed? And much like our favorite Swedish department store, the addition of meatballs and lingonberry sauce (and other recipes) make for a delightful little quirk that sets this book apart.” —Quilt Now Magazine
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