The Silk Roads, Peter Frankopan
Peter Frankopan

The Silk Roads

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The No. 1 Sunday Times and international bestseller — a major reassessment of world history in light of the economic and political renaissance in the re-emerging east.

'Magnificent' Sunday Times
'Immensely entertaining … so ambitious, so detailed, so fascinating' The Times

For centuries, fame and fortune were to be found in the west — in the New World of the Americas. Today, it is the east which calls out to those in search of riches and adventure. Sweeping right across Central Asia and deep into China and India, a region that once took centre stage is again rising to dominate global politics, commerce and culture.
A major reassessment of world history, The Silk Roads is a dazzling exploration of the forces that have driven the rise and fall of empires, determined the flow of ideas and goods and are now heralding a new dawn in international affairs.
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As a child, be well-behaved.
As a youth, be self-controlled.
As an adult, be just.
As an elder, be wise.
As one dying, be without pain.
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Industry crossed with democracy in turn yielded the United States, embodying the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit
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‘A talent for following the ways of yesterday’, declared King Wu-ling in 307 BC, ‘is not sufficient to improve the world of today.’13

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