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Taboo Family

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Gina was a fine homemaker and mother, but was the victim of an abusive husband. The raising of her two children was her joy; their best times together were when the cross-country driver was on the road. Michael grew to be a big, strong teenager and refused to allow any more of the abuse of his mother. He whipped his father and threw him out of the house, paving the road for Gina's new life.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The first time Michael saw his mother naked was totally by accident. Gina had come home from work and had taken her shower. As she was drying off and gazing at herself in the full length mirror in the master bathroom, she could not help but be pleased with the progress she had made in toning her body since regular attendance at the spa. Her breast were 38 Ds, tender but firm. Her legs were very shapely with almost no cellulite and her buttocks were as well-curved as any woman could hope to have; there was no trance of her former belly fat. Her tiny 22 inch waist enhanced the beauty of her body’s curves to present that so-called “hourglass” figure. The bathroom door was partly open and as Michael was about to enter, he saw his naked mother from behind. He immediately turned around and as he walked away he said, “Excuse me, Mom.”

Michael was gone before Gina even had a chance to grab a towel to cover herself. My God!  she thought. My son just saw me naked from behind and he must have even seen the reflection of the front of me in the mirror. After a few moments of reflection on what might have been called an incident, Gina relaxed; her embarrassment was short-lived. She momentarily found it amusing and even stimulating. She had just been seen standing in the nude and even masturbating by a handsome young man and she was wondering what he might be thinking.

There was no discussion later at dinner about Michael’s seeing his mother naked in the bathroom. Although it may have been lingering somewhere in the back of his mind, it was not an issue. On the other hand, it was the foremost thing on Gina’s mind.

As the days went by, Gina was longing to be seen again in the nude by her son. It was carefully planned. When he would be coming home from work, she would be finished with her shower and sitting on the toilet in the nude with the bathroom door open. Waiting for him seemed like forever, but a bright smile came over her face when she heard him enter the front door. When he finally came to bathroom and saw her sitting on the stool, she stood up immediately and before he could say a word, she said, “It’s all right Michael, I’m through. You can use the bathroom now.”  After quickly dabbing her pubic hair with toilet tissue, she dashed away leaving her son with a puzzled look on his face. He saw me from the back the other day and now he’s just seen me from behind. I hope he likes what he saw, she was thinking.

After his daily shower, Michael went to the family room to listen to a new CD he had just purchased. He was relaxing in his shorts and tank top after a typical day’s work and expecting nothing out of the ordinary. As fate would have it, something out of the ordinary was about to happen. Gina strolled right by her son as he was sitting on the sofa. She was wearing only her satin powder blue underwear she had just purchased from Victoria’s Secret. With her back to him, she stopped, turned he head to say, “Nice music, honey. Is that a new CD?”

Michael was stunned by his mother’s nonchalance about parading in front of him in underwear that covered almost nothing of her buttocks.
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