Sarah McElwain

To the Happy Couple

Now here's something worth raising a glass to: the perfect how-to guide and resource for preparing, writing, and presenting the best wedding toast ever (butterflies not included). With clear explanations of who traditionally offers a toast and when, To the Happy Couple also gives useful information on fitting toasts for rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and bachelor parties. Tips include avoiding the pitfalls of public speaking and advice on which topics work well and which should be avoided (don't bring up that first marriage…). There are plenty of suggestions for finding quotes, whether from song lyrics, poems, or other sources, examples of how to use them to enhance and personalize the message, plus a variety of quotes in the back of the book to provide additional inspiration. Beautifully illustrated throughout with whimsical drawings, To the Happy Couple is both a practical guide and a lovely gift for anyone who has ever had to say, “I'd like to make a toast…”
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