Ella Louise

Obeying My Doctor's Orders

BBW Claire is still curvy and shy, but this time, she’s even more desperate to be taken by the gorgeous Dr. Kent. Claire goes back to his office, hoping for him to fill all of her holes and fulfill her fantasies. But in addition to that, Dr. Kent has more than a few bdsm surprises for her that make sure she’s bound to have a good time.

This story can be read alone OR as the sequel to “Yes, Doctor!”

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

I anxiously twirl a lock of hair around my fingers while I wait for the receptionist to answer my phone call.  It’s a habit I picked up from the days when phones had those curlicue cords that seemed to be made to be scrunched and stretched during nerve-wracking calls.

“Dr. Kent’s office, how may I help you?” a voice asks me.

I wish I had cleared my throat before she picked up.  I just know my voice is going to squeak when I try to explain my situation.

“This is Claire Montgomery.  I was in last Wednesday?”  I phrase it like a question, hoping the receptionist will remember me and I won’t have to tell her in detail while I’m calling.  There are only so many times I can handle explaining to a stranger that I’m so plagued with sexual urges and thoughts of sex that I have to see a doctor about it.

Thankfully, my name rings a bell for her.  “Yes, here you are.  I see a note on your file, though.  Dr. Kent has flagged you so that all of your questions get forwarded directly to him, it looks like…”  Some typing noises on the other end of the line come through in a sharp staccato.  “I’ve never seen that note before, but that’s what it says.  Anyway, will you please hold while I transfer your call to his cell?”

I choke, and it takes me a moment to process what’s going on.  By the time I blurt out a “Wait!” the line is ringing again.  My heart thuds, and I seriously consider hanging up the phone.

I’m always so shy about calling people, and this is especially true when “people” happens to be the ridiculously hot doctor I had thoroughly amazing sex with less than a week ago.  It’s safe to say I’ve developed a crush the size of a continent.
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