D.V, Diana Vreeland
Diana Vreeland


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“An evening with D.V. is almost as marvelous as an evening with D.V. [herself]—same magic, same spontaneity and, above all, never a boring moment.”—Bill Blass
D.V. is the mesmerizing autobiography of one of the 20th century’s greatest fashion icons, Diana Vreeland, the one-time fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar and editor-in-chief of Vogue, whose incomparable style-sense, genius, and flair helped define the world of haute couture for fifty years. The incomparable D.V. proves herself a brilliant raconteur as she carries the reader along on her whirlwind life—from English palaces to the nightclubs of Paris in the 1930s to the heart of New York high society, hobnobbing with everyone who was anyone, from Queen Mary to Clark Gable to Coco Chanel.
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I had made a solemn vow to myself never to allow my children to know that anything in the world was frightening, impure, or impossible
Vera Reiner
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The colors! Before then, red had never been red and violet had never been violet. They were always slightly…grayed. But these women’s clothes in the Bois were of colors as sharp as a knife: red red, violent violet, orange—when I say “orange” I mean red orange, not yellow orange—jade green and cobalt blue.
Katia Fedorova
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The problem with you, dollface”
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