Katherine Garbera,Michelle Reid,Amy Andrews

The Italians: Franco, Dominic and Valentino

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{"strong"=>["Delicious. Infatuation. Betrayal"]}
For Franco Tolle, the golden boy of Europe’s jet-set society, life is just a playground — filled with racing speedboats on the azure Mediterranean Sea. But once, in a rush of red-hot infatuation, he put a glittering diamond wedding ring on Lexi Hamilton’s finger…
Dominic Moretti could fire his secretary — but he really wanted to make her…pay. She’d stolen from him. He’d trusted her and all the time he’d been fighting his attraction to her she’d been plotting with his enemy. So now he could do whatever he wanted with Angelina…
One incredible night with deliciously dangerous Valentino Lombardi le Paige feeling beautiful for the first time. When Valentino arrives as the new surgeon at her hospital, playboy reputation in tow — and Paige must tell him she’s expecting his baby…
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