The Powerfood Nutrition Plan, Jeff O'Connell, Susan Kleiner
Jeff O'Connell,Susan Kleiner

The Powerfood Nutrition Plan

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The ultimate nutrition resource--presenting targeted meal plans for everything from weight loss to energy and memory gain--with sound advice to achieve the cut body and smoking sex life every guy wants.
This straightforward guide by well-known sports nutritionist Susan M. Kleiner shows men of all ages how to use food to improve every aspect of their lives. Kleiner whips up a recipe for success that works for everyone from seasoned athletes to newly reformed fast-food junkies.
Readers will find: Pages of flavorful, varied meals--breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack menus for every guy, whether he's diabetic, athletic, overweight, or heart-health conscious Practical and proven tips on the smart use of supplements Cutting-edge information on the latest nutrition science, including life extending foods, dangerous trans fats, and important antioxidants
With menus for weight loss, muscle gain, extra energy and vitality, The PowerFood Nutrition Plan is for everyone who recognizes that our health and well being relies on the food we eat. Readers will discover that even small dietary changes can have a big impact.

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