Nextopia: Life, Business, and Love in the Expectations Society, Micael Dahlen
Micael Dahlen

Nextopia: Life, Business, and Love in the Expectations Society

In Nextopia, timing is everything. And there is no better time than tomorrow.

We live in an Expectations Society-a society where we are constantly striving towards our next job, the next big thing, the next date. We are striving towards Nextopia, which holds the promise that our greatest pleasures and adventures still lie ahead.

In the Expectations Society, possibilities of finding happiness are endless. Meanwhile, it has never been harder to stay happy.

This book helps you to understand how this change in society and the human mind impacts business, love, and life itself. With a whole new set of ideas and theories about how expectations form the very essence of human nature, Micael Dahlen takes you on a journey towards Nextopia-a journey that never ends.

Micael Dahlen, author of six books and a Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, is an international authority in the field of consumer behavior, creativity, and marketing. He has been ranked number 10 in the world among researchers in his field, and his books have reached a global audience in countries such as Germany, South Korea, and the U.S.
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