Michal Stawicki

Making Business Connections That Counts

Make authentic connections with influencers without being sleazy or bothersome

What if you could connect with 7-figure business owners as soon as your venture (a small business, blog, YouTube channel—whatever!) begins?
What if you could effortlessly get on the radar of influencers just by being yourself? Imagine how connections like these will help your initiative skyrocket!
Four years ago, Michal was an lifelong employee entrenched in a large company; a shy introvert without a single business idea whatsoever. He did not know what a webinar was and had no Facebook account. Today Michal is active in several online communities, with authors, marketers, influencers and business owners. His works have been mentioned in Forbes and Business Insider. 
Michal interacts with millionaires and exchanged messages with Darren Hardy and David Allen. A rock star, with 2 million followers on Twitter, featured his blog post. His books got reviewed and recommended by bestselling authors.
In “Making Business Connections That Count” he explains how you can achieve similar results.In this book, you will learn:

A foolproof method of getting on the radar of influencers

Where to connect with top bloggers, podcasters and business owners

How to provide value to them even if you are just starting out in the online business world

How to drive your agenda without being perceived as bothersome

How to stand out in anyone’s crowd of followers

How to network with influencers even if you don't yet know a single blogger

How to initiate contact when you need a favor

What is the hidden networking superpower available to everyone

How to bring value to the table from day one

How to discern between genuine and superficial relationships

When it's OK to ask for a favor

How to make an offer your partner will feel embarrassed to decline

How to build friendships AND business connections

How to do favors for big influencers without a big-time investment

How to be authentic in your networking efforts, so you will never be mistaken for a sleazy salesman

Buy this book now, so you can create relationships with respectable peers and mentors, to boost your brand since day #1!
Pick up your copy today by clicking the  BUY NOW button at the top of this page!
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