Anna Austin

Disciplined For His Pleasure

“We were both culpable, the darkest desires of one complementing those of the other. A match made in heaven. Or more likely hell.”

Three weeks have passed since eighteen year old orphan Annie began a sultry affair with Dr Thorn, the cruel and forbidding Headmaster of Bleakcroft, and Annie's mind is still full of memories of sweet pleasure and even sweeter pain.

Now though, she must decide — should she continue down a path of sin, or forsake wickedness and embrace virtue? But how can she resist temptation when the forbidden fruits are the sweetest?
Then, appearing before the Headmaster once more, he makes her an offer she cannot refuse…

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Carefully, he took hold of the hem of nightgown, and slid it gently upwards, exposing Annie's bare bottom. She shivered, goosebumps forming on her naked skin.

“You're a very naughty little girl,” Dr Thorn said. “And you deserve to be punished, isn't that right?”

“Yes, Sir” Annie replied.

“Then say it. Confess your sins to me child. Confess them, so that I might give you the appropriate discipline.”

Annie thought for a second.

“Sometimes, when I lie in bed at night, I think naughty thoughts about what you did to me.”


Dr Thorn's hand connected sharply with her bare arse, knocking the breath out of Annie. She could feel her buttocks smarting, yet beneath the pain there was already something more, the excitement of being punished in such a way already wakening inside of her.

“Confess your sins” Thorn demanded.

“When I think those naughty thoughts, I reach down, and I touch myself.”


The Headmaster's rough hand once again collided with her posterior. Annie felt her skin begin to glow, the blood flowing into her smarting buttocks. She could feel the ache between her legs growing, feel the wetness down there beginning to spread. She wanted more.

“When I have my hand beneath my legs, I reach up and stroke my bumps too.”


Another blow, this one harder than the first two, causing Annie to give out a little whimper of pain and pleasure. The Headmaster was breathing more heavily, and Annie could sense that he was becoming exciting too, deriving just as much pleasure from giving out the punishment as Annie got from receiving it.

“More, child!” he demanded. “Confess more of your sins.”

“I like it when you spank me. It makes me wet.”

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