Cara Colter,Donna Alward,Soraya Lane

Say Yes To The Dress

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Saying Yes To The Dress!
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["The Wedding Planner’s Big Day"]}]}
Tycoon Drew Jordan has been responsible for his family since the death of his parents. Now Drew craves freedom — he’ll help arrange his brother’s tropical wedding, but he’ll never walk down the aisle himself! But could Wedding planner Becky English change his mind?
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["Married for their Miracle Baby"]}]}
Ex-ballerina Saffron Wells is swept off her feet by tycoon Blake Goldsmith, but she doesn’t expect it to end with a convenient proposal to help him secure a business deal! Especially after Saffron discovers she’s pregnant! So, what does this mean for their fake marriage…?
{"strong"=>[{"em"=>["The Cowboy’s Convenient Bride"]}]}
Laura Jessup knows everyone in town thinks she’s a home-wrecker. And she can handle it to protect her daughter. Only hunky Tanner Hudson seems immune to the gossipmongers. Could his proposal of a marriage-in-name-only be the solution?
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