Thomas Jay,Gerald Hiestand

Sex, Dating, and Relationships

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Considering the pervasive immorality and high divorce rate of our contemporary Christian culture, we evidently need a biblically based, theologically compelling, practical understanding of sex, dating, and relationships. Pastors Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas counteract this problem with their paradigm-shifting view of purity and relationships—a view that challenges even the basic assumptions of evangelical subculture.
Unlike most books on dating, this one cuts straight to the heart of dating relationships, asserting with confidence that the line must be drawn at “no sexual activity” whatever. Few have dared to define and apply the Bible’s understanding of purity in premarital relationships to this degree, but Heistand and Thomas have done it. Furthermore, both authors are vocational pastors who communicate regularly with the target audience and have a proven ability to express biblical truth in a winsome and compelling manner. Sex, Dating, and Relationships adds a new, almost provocative voice to the conversation that, with straightforward theological insight, pleads with Christians to get serious about honoring Christ with their sexuality.
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    Sierra Lynn Drummercompartió una citahace 5 años
    1) How would you explain dating friendships to a friend? What is the main goal?

    2) What are the four crucial elements in any male-female relationship in which the couple is exploring the possibility of marriage?

    3) What advantages do dating friendships have over traditional dating relationships?

    4) How would you answer someone who argues that a dating friendship offers a couple no security?
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