Touching the Reign of God, Mary Moore
Mary Moore

Touching the Reign of God

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You are not far from the reign of God, Jesus tells the scribe. Not far? In this collection of engaging essays, author and vocation consultant Mary Sharon Moore encourages fellow Christians to boldly travel through their own life experience from the disengaged edges to the living core of the reign of God. Drawing from Scripture's most challenging teachings as well as unexpected moments of testing and grace, Touching the Reign of God breaks open the transformative power of the reign of God, which is not far at all but intimately near--pervading every aspect of daily life. Thought-provoking questions at the end of each essay guide individual and study group formation in the practice of theological reflection, the work of discerning God's movement in life's circumstance. As Moore reveals through story and insight, touching the reign of God is not optional work for those who profess Christian faith; rather, it is a vital participation in the redeeming work of the risen Christ. This brilliant collection of essays models the journey into the reign of God, which every one of us must take.
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