Michal Stawicki

Power up Your Self-Talk

Empower Your Life Despite All of Your Problems

What if shame, guilt, inadequacy, low self-esteem and painful memories of your past failures no longer plagued your mind?
What if you could take full control of your life and achieve the goals and success you always yearned for with just a few easy habits?

“When we tell ourselves something is too hard, or easy, or that we are successes or failures, it's self-talk.”

Six years ago, the prevailing thought in Michal's mind was: “It's impossible.” His life attitude was “just get by,” and his mind was eroded by the memories of his failures. Today, he is a bestselling author who liberated his wife from her day job, and spends most of his days empowering fellow authors and millions of readers around the globe.

In “Power Up Your Self-Talk,” he shares the simplest techniques that helped him and his readers to overcome the sneaky (and often brutal) self-sabotage of the mind.

In this book you will learn:

Why you failed so many times despite your best intentions (and how to change this)

How to instantly elevate your mood to escape obstinate dark thoughts

Which elephant in the room self-help gurus fail to address in most of their teachings

How to overcome the resistance of years of faulty thinking

Why habits are the best remedy against negative self-talk

The undervalued habit that everyone can practice and tune into their self-talk (would you believe it can create new brain cells?!)

The one thing you need before you can apply all the great personal development advice

The easiest way to quickly rewire your brain into positivity

How to steer your self-talk so self-insults and vicious internal remarks will no longer cripple your performance

Two cardinal rules for preparing your battle plan with your subconscious

Bonus: no bonuses! Just pure content in concise format to get you started in only moments.

Power up your self-talk, empower your life and stop being your own worst enemy.

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