Lost Connections, Johann Hari
Johann Hari

Lost Connections

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'A book that could actually make us happy' SIMON AMSTELL
'This amazing book will change your life' ELTON JOHN

'One of the most important texts of recent years' BRITISH JOURNAL OF GENERAL PRACTICE
'Brilliant, stimulating, radical' MATT HAIG
'The more people read this book, the better off the world will be' NAOMI KLEIN
'Eye-opening' GUARDIAN
'Brilliant for anyone wanting a better understanding of mental health' ZOE BALL
'A game-changer' DAVINA MCCALL
'Extraordinary' DR MAX PEMBERTON

Depression and anxiety are now at epidemic levels. Why? Across the world, scientists have uncovered evidence for nine different causes. Some are in our biology, but most are in the way we are living today.
Lost Connections offers a radical new way of thinking about this crisis. It shows that once we understand the real causes, we can begin to turn to pioneering new solutions — ones that offer real hope.
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☁️ ursula ☁️
☁️ ursula ☁️compartió una citael mes pasado
Although I couldn’t understand why, all through the time I was working on this book, I kept thinking of something that doctor said to me that day, during my unglamorous hour of poisoning.
You need your nausea. It is a message. It will tell us what is wrong with you.
It only became clear to me why in a very different place, thousands of miles away, at the end of my journey into what really causes depression and anxiety—and how we can find our way back.
Дмитрий Карпенко
Дмитрий Карпенкоcompartió una citahace 7 meses
“I am depressed! It’s not all in my head! I’m not unhappy, I’m not weak—I’m depressed!”
Frutalistercompartió una citahace 9 meses
After twenty years researching this at the highest level, Irving has come to believe that the notion

depression is caused by a chemical imbalance is just “an accident of history,” produced by

scientists initially misreading what they were seeing, and then drug companies selling that

misperception to the world to cash in.

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