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Ivo Andric

Anika’s Times

Anika’s Times (1931) is a story of the rebellion and defiance of Anika, a courtesan who, with her libertine and unrestrained behavior, wreaks havoc in the town of Višegrad. Her lavish beauty and the audacity with which she opposes the petty-bourgeois order make her one of Andrić’s most interesting and tragic heroines. A self-imposed outcast from society, she has the courage and strength to endure the consequences of her decisions, embarking on a final path of suffering. After the upheaval that Anika caused at the Višegrad Bazaar, life slowly gets back to normal, but the story of the shortlived flare of her extraordinary beauty and the tragic consequences of her choices grows intoa legend that inspired the writer to write one of his best short stories.
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Akademska Knjiga
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Drenka Willen
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