The Earl's Dilemma, Emily May
Emily May

The Earl's Dilemma

Shores of Love, Alex Ryder
Memories, Anita Mills
An Unacceptable Offer, Mary Balogh
The Return of the Earl, Edith Layton
Obedient Bride, Mary Balogh
All A Woman Wants, Patricia Rice
A Daring Masquerade, Mary Balogh
The Duke's Double, Anita Mills
Second Chances, Mary Balogh
The Ungrateful Governess, Mary Balogh
The Wood Nymph, Mary Balogh
The Barbarian's Bride, Alex Ryder
Red Rose, Mary Balogh
Love & Marriage, Betty Neels, Emma Goldrick
An Engagement of Convenience, Catherine George
A Matter of Trust, Penny Jordan
Deceived, Mary Balogh
A Rumoured Engagement, Catherine George
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