Thomas Martin

Atlanta And Its Builders, Vol. 2 – A Comprehensive History Of The Gate City Of The South

Conscious of possible deficiencies, the editor presents this result of his labors to all readers interested in the history of this beautiful town. Although the work is largely a compilation of facts and figures touching the history of Georgia's metropolis from its founding to the first years of the 20th century and no special merit of originality is claimed for it, the reader will find much in these pages as is not elsewhere easily accessible in printed form — matter authentic and valuable for reference. Particularly is this true of the war history recorded with great fidelity and no little detail in the first volume. The facts therein contained were gathered from original sources — Federal and Confederate — mostly direct from field orders, reports and correspondence. The task involved a vast deal of research and reading, but the editor feels compensated by the belief that a fuller or more reliable narrative of the famous “Atlanta Campaign,” from Dalton to Jonesboro, was never written. The second volume, which deals with post-bellum and modern Atlanta, will be found to be brought down to date in preserving a record of the city's upbuilding and remarkable progress. The last decade of the 19th century has completely metamorphosed Atlanta physically. Her rehabilitation after the ruthless legions of Sherman passed through her ashes to the sea was not more magical, if we may use the word, than has been her rapid transformation in this latter conquest of peace. It is surprising, at first blush, but nearly all of the better buildings of Atlanta, business and residential, have been constructed within less than these past ten years, and this means the practical rebuilding of the city and its wide expansion in that short space of time. This is volume two out of two.
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