Ashley Berry

Bonded To The Futanari Billionaire

Chelsea Summers has signed the contract from hell. In order to stop a sex tape of herself with the futa socialite Chantelle LeBron from seeing the light of day, the teen must become a sexual servant to the futa billionaire Trisha Stern. But keeping Trisha satisfied every day isn’t easy, and there’s always the temptation to sneak into the billionaire’s private study and finding where she's hiding that incriminating tape…

BONDED TO A FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE is the third book in the FUTANARI BILLIONAIRE series, and is over 16,000 words of dominant, hardcore sex between a woman and a futanari!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The billionaire took another drag of her cigarette. For a moment, Chelsea saw the coldness in the woman’s eyes. “I think you need to lie there and think about what you really want out of this.” She replied. “You’d be silly to forget what it is I’m dangling over your head.”

And with that, she left the room, leaving the college student alone on the bed, dripping with sweat and regret. Not just regret for screaming Michelle’s name, but for trusting Chantelle LeBron; for getting herself into this mess in the first place.Eventually, the bedroom door creaked open and the light overhead flicked on. Chelsea screwed her eyes shut at the sudden assault of light, then slowly opened them to see if Trisha was looking any less cold and vengeful.Only it wasn’t Trisha. She was someone about Chelsea’s age who was wearing a French maid’s uniform. She had short, dark brown hair and chocolatey eyes. Her skin was lightly tanned, and dark freckles dotted her nose. The uniform was low-cut, exposing her tanned cleavage between frilly white lace, and the skirt was so high it barely covered the top few inches of her legs. The stranger approached the bed, keeping her eyes downcast to avoid meeting Chelsea’s. The teen was grateful for this — it wasn’t fun being seen by a total stranger handcuffed naked to the bed, doused in sweat and semen. The girl went to the top posts and, with a key, began working the locks.“D-did Trisha ask you to unchain me?”She didn’t reply,Chelsea brought her voice down to a whisper. “Is she nearby? Is she outside the room?”“Ms. Stern ordered me not to speak to you,” she replied without emotion. She undid both cuffs on her hands, and then moved down to the lower posts where her feet were bound.Chelsea watched her stiff movements and stony expression. Then it hit her. “She’s got you, too!” The maid didn’t react or respond. “Trisha threatened to release a tape of me with two other women if I didn’t move in with her. Is she doing something like that to you? I didn’t even think there’d be anyone else here, but I guess with a house as big as this, she must have more than one.”Again, the girl said nothing. Chelsea was desperate to make a connection before this maid finished uncuffing her. She needed a potential ally to help her get through this madness. “What’s your name? I’m Chelsea. Chelsea Summers. I’m going to college. Well, that’s ending in a few days, then I have to put it on hold. We can help each other, you know. Whatever she’s holding over your head, maybe I can help you with it. Maybe it doesn’t have to be like this.”
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