Harper B. Cole,Crista Crown

Freedom For His Omega

I want more than a chance. I want you.
Cats are always supposed to land on their feet, but omega shifter Jesse has done everything but. After escaping a mental institute, he's stranded in the woods, wounded, and at the mercy of a silent grizzly bear.
On the trail of an arsonist, alpha wolf Asher Lambert stumbles across the broken omega and his grizzly guard, who says they were waiting for him. Asher takes them both home, figuring the least he can do is help Jesse get on his feet, literally and figuratively. Then he'll send them on their way. But Jesse has other plans.
Jesse's never been with an alpha… but he wants Asher, and no is not an answer.
Can Asher accept Jesse and break away from everything he's ever known? Can they really start a new pack with his ragtag group of friends, and the silent bear who just won't leave?
Freedom For His Omega is the first book in The Outcast Chronicles. It is a 39k word book containing mpreg, and knotting.
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Crista Crown
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