Debbi Rawlins

If He Only Knew

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{"strong"=>["She seemed like the perfect lady! "]}
As far as New York City attorney Cody Shea could see, Sara Wells was a model temp. She had brains and beauty–in fact, if he hadn't been her boss, there were a few highly improper things he would have asked the very proper Southern belle to do…
Living in Manhattan under an assumed name for a year was Sara's brief flirtation with freedom. Now back in her natural habitat, she's prepared to marry a gentleman whose pedigree and fortune match her own. She's even accepted that she'll probably spend a lifetime fantasizing about the exquisite pleasure of being a tigress in her boss's bed.
Imagine if he only knew! Well, Cody is about to find out. His trip to Atlanta to seduce her causes bedlam as Sara tries to keep her faux identity and her lustful feelings intact… And fails!
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    were so dilated his eyes looked black. Their eyes met for a moment
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    dark-haired young woman slid a glance at Cody. He gave a small shake of his head and mouthed that he wanted the check. She smiled and left, probably grateful she was off the hook. Manning was obviously really drunk. And Cody had been too damned preoccupied to notice.

    Although, in his defense, it was as if a switch had been flipped. A few minutes ago, the guy had been totally coherent. Now
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    Chapter 3
    Sara looked straight ahead until she got out of the restaurant and into the chilled evening air. She should have known better. Did she think she could get away with going to a restaurant in Buckhead and not seeing someone she knew? She’d have been better off choosing a place out of the phone book. Someplace on the far side of town. Not that it mattered now. From the look on Cody’s

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