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A level 1 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. Written for Learners of English by Tim Vicary.

A beautiful young Indian girl, and a brave Englishman. Black eyes, and blue eyes. A friendly smile, a laugh, a look of love . .. But this is North America in 1607, and love is not easy. The girl is the daughter of King Powhatan, and the Englishman is a white man. And the Indians of Virginia do not want the white men in their beautiful country.

This is the famous story of Pocahontas, and her love for the Englishman John Smith.
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    Great history with a traffic end.
    I prefer Disney version.


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    The ships were at sea for four months
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    build to make buildings (houses, schools, shops, etc.)
    chief the most important man in an Indian village
    enemy not a friend; a person who hates you
    fever when you are ill with a very hot head and body, you have a fever
    fight to hit, hurt, or try to kill someone
    glass bottles and windows are made of glass
    gunpowder a powder used in guns that burns very quickly
    hard a lot (e.g. to work hard)
    hostage your enemy takes somebody as a hostage because he wants something from you
    king the most important man in a country
    leader an important person in a group of people
    lock (v) to close (a door, box, etc.) with a key
    marry to take somebody as your husband or wife
    queen the wife of a king
    sadly not happily
    sail to go over water (the sea, rivers, etc.) in a ship
    sow to put small plants in the ground
    surprise when something new or sudden happens, you feel surprise
    try to work hard to do something
    unhappy not happy

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