Amy Andrews

The Devil and the Deep

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Author Stella Mills has writers' block. Her swashbuckling debut romance was a mega-hit—and the world is crying out for a sequel. Problem is, her sexy-as-sin hero was based on childhood friend Rick Granville, whose dangerously delicious eyes have never sparkled at her that way!
So being forced to spend weeks on adventurer Rick's luxury yacht could be just the thing to trigger her imagination—forget Johnny Depp…modern-day pirate Rick is pure physical perfection. Of course, spending night and day with the temptation that is Rick could be sailing too close to the wind—especially when her fictional fantasies start becoming red-hot reality!
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    I love you,’ he murmured.

    The words fell from his lips and he didn’t even bother to recall them because he knew in that instant that they were the truth. He did love her.

    He’d loved her for ever.

    Stella blinked. ‘Okay...no more champagne for you,’ she joked.

    He laughed, then sobered, his gaze roaming her lovely familiar face. ‘I’m sorry, I know that’s sudden but...it’s not
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    Playing the Royal Game by Carol Marinelli

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