Alfred Kazin

On Native Grounds

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';With On Native Grounds [Kazin] takes his place in the first rank of American practitioners of the higher literary criticism' (The New York Times). An important historian of American literature, Alfred Kazin delivers an exhaustiveyet accessibleanalysis of modernist fiction from the tail end of the Victorian period to the beginning of WWII. America's golden agefrom 1890 to 1940included the work of Howells, Wharton, Lewis, Cather, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Faulkner. Their struggle for realism served as the basis for Kazin's interpretation. Kazin's debut was impressive in its scope for such a young author and became a part of his renowned trilogy of literary criticism, which also includes An American Procession and God and the American Writer. ';Not only a literary but a moral history… The best and most complete treatment we have.' Lionel Trilling, The Nation
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