Robin Austin Reed

Manifest Your Man

Discover How to Manifest A Good Man and Avoid Dead-End Relationships.

Stop blaming men for bad relationships or wasting time trying to change them. Begin with you to become the woman men crave and are searching for.

Women require two things: A great foundation of self respect and self care along with a set of proven dating rules that will allow you to make wise dating decisions, navigates the treacherous territory of Manifesting Your Man.

How to Keep a Man Interested Without Becoming Someone You’re Not.

Many dating advice books for women of being a bitch, rough and tough or playing games, just makes you more of a guy AND draws wimpy men. Don’t try and change the game, learn how to be a contender in the process of manifesting you man in a way that’s honest and you’ll enjoy.

Self confidence, great energy, loving good men, all comes from cleaning up the past and entering into dating free of judgement, curious and open what you’re going to find.

You’ll learn how to confidently socialize with men, the importance of body language, and illustrating confidence in your femininity, making you more attractive. You’ll develop healthy boundaries and be able to communicate them in a way men will understand and respect .

How to Manifest, Date and Keep Your Man

In this book and the free online course, Robin personally walks you through the things that men crave in a girlfriend, understanding your love language, developing tasteful charm and how to spot and avoid emotionally unavailable men.

Robin walks you through the times when relationships go wrong, get a reset, forgive and when and how to break up in a way that leaves both people feeling good about themselves.

Here's what you're going to learn inside:

•BONUS — a free online course with over 15 videos on how to manifest your man

•How to set your intention before you even begin dating so you attract a good man, versus just the next man.

•Date from your core values versus being on his agenda.

•How to protect and exemplify you uniqueness and individuality.

•How to empower yourself by Owning your Needs, Desires and Boundaries

•Dealing with the dangerous and common dating mistake of codependency, emotional unavailability and even how to break up.

•Foolproof dating rules on how to flirt, be charming, communicate and touch him in ways that ATTACH his heart to you.

•And much, much more…

The book includes helpful downloads such as:

Codependency checklist

Needs checklist

The basics of recalibrating your energy (a clearing for forgiveness)

15 styles of distorted thinking.

There is NO need to wander the vass landscape of dating without a guide. With me, you have an INSIDER on the male psyche and what makes men show up for themselves AND you.

This book has been a product of over six years of research and litrally hundreds of conversations and interviews listening to both men and women discuss a subject that affects us all: Love and Relationships.

I know you'll be glad you read the book and jumped into the disucssion.

Join my Facebook Group where you can share your experiences and meet other like-minded women.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me — Find YOUR true love in 30 days!


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