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Judith Pearson,John Rodgaard

The Trafalgar Chronicle

The Trafalgar Chronicle, sponsored by The 1805 Club, is the publication of choice for new research about the Georgian Navy, sometimes called ‘Nelson’s Navy’, though its scope includes all the sailing navies of the period from 1714 to 1837. Our expert contributors for 2022 reside in the UK, US, Canada, and Denmark. Their contributions tell stories of drama, political intrigue, daring, ingenuity, war, and adventure on the world’s oceans.
This year’s volume is based on the theme of scientific and technological advances in the navies of the Georgian era. Theme-related articles document aspects of the Industrial Revolution, describing developments, innovations, and inventions in manufacturing, engineering, gunnery and armaments, charting and navigation, sailing tactics, shipboard medicine, and explorations of the natural world.
In the tradition of recent editions, the 2022 Trafalgar Chronicle also contains biographical sketches of Nelson’s contemporaries: Sir Harry Neale and George Matcham, brother-in-law to Lord Nelson. Two additional topics of general interest include a new perspective on single ship actions in the War of 1812 and a riveting tale of a futile Danish Navy expedition to Morocco in 1751. Handsomely illustrated, this issue will make a fascinating and admired addition to any naval history library.
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