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Renato Amado

The Girl and the Devil

“The Girl and the Evil” is a short terror comic book that broach the concepts of hallucination and possession. It was drawn without speech ballons or other kinds of text — which is one of the most challenging ways to work with the language of comic books, but also one that has created great opus by powerful artists such as Eisner and Moebius.

Drawings and color — Marcelo Damm is a plastic artist and illustrator. Product, 3D, Retail Space and Event Designer. He believes that each work deserves to be approached in the most appropriate way. Many of his works can be seen on

Script — Renato Amado was born in Rio de Janeiro, on 1981. He is the founder of Editora Flâneur and of the “Pen lens and brush” project. He published the romance “Vale do Rio Preto” and several short stories featured in many anthologies. He scripted and produced the short film «Morte Súbita”. He is currently a doctorade student at Brown University.
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