Musa Joel

Understanding the Sexual Behavior and Drive of Women

Sex! Yes sex!

But what is it about sex that when God created man and woman – neither always see it in the same spotlight? Little wonder most men and women don't seem to understand the smallest, underlying mathematical differences, the equality (and perhaps sometimes the inequality) that is involve – and how best they can both appreciate the act.

Hence in Understanding the Sexual Behavior and Drive of Women, the author gave us the mystery to women sexuality contrary to what we'd been taught while growing up as a kid thus revealing the the sexual differences, the behavior and erotic side of women, and how best you can increase your chances of sexual delight with the opposite sex!

Hence in this timeless book and with great depth and candor you will . . .

1. Gain insight into the women sexual makeup, drive and desire.

2. How women desire to have amazing love-life and incredible sex-making.

3. How important sex is to women and,

4. How you can become a better lover when dealing with a woman whose sexual libido is on a high side.

Indeed, whether you are married or single this book is a must read! It is fun, relaxing and enjoyable. It breaks the barrier and destructive guilt often associated to women with high sexual libido.

Discover what you need to arm yourself when it comes to fully understanding women sexuality.
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