Anthony Green Jr.

Eve's Influence

Themed as a gallery showcasing paintings, “Eve's Influence” features detailed writing that covers the  cycles that are toxic to our growth, the coping that potentially does more harm than healing, and how these things translate throughout time.

“Eve”, which means “the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion”, speaks on the feelings of being on the verge of a necessary change, a new reality, or a better space. The first step in doing better is identifying what's wrong, that’s  what influenced these writings.

The feelings of doing so much wrong you become numb to it ( I Didnt Know You Were Dying), or how the constant lust for women is so strong it could be perceived as love (THICKER). The man who grows up unsure of how to deal with emotions due to him being deprived as a child ( Blindfolded Babies). The wavering faith in God ( Jesus,take the wheel), or the places you go to free yourself from anxiety (Islands).

These 14 pieces are separate in meaning, but unify in the way that they should be taken in. The few minutes you would take to grasp the full idea of a painting, hang on to these words the same way. Welcome to the gallery!

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