Rupert Colley

World War Two: History in an Hour

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Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.
Lasting six years and a day, the Second World War saw the lives of millions — soldiers and civilians, young and old — changed forever. During the conflict, a thousand people died for each and every hour it lasted. With eighty-one of the world’s nations involved and affected in some way, this was war on a truly global scale.
Offering a wide overview of the major figures, politics and action on all sides, World War Two: History in an Hour provides a concise picture of the world upturned. How the conflicts began, the violence involved and how they affected a century: this is the story of the events that ended over sixty million lives and challenged our understanding of humanity.
Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour…
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    Narmishacompartió una citahace 3 años
    ‘One moment on a battlefield is worth a thousand years of peace.’
    Narmishacompartió una citahace 3 años
    The loss of Singapore was considered Britain’s worst humiliation in her military history.
    Екатерина Мартыноваcompartió una citahace 4 años
    During February 1942, Japanese soldiers on bicycles headed south through Malaya, forcing British and Commonwealth troops onto the small island of Singapore on the southern tip of Malaya

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