David Michaels

The Complete Spanish Master

36 Real Topics for Intermediate Spanish Mastery.

This book is a collection of the 3 `Mater Spanish` books.
What our Amazon readers felt about these books:
“Great book for increasing your Spanish fluency.”
“The entire book is written in Spanish which I found nice because it kept me focused on my target language.”
“This was a great book to gain confidence in your comprehension abilities. It really helped me start thinking in the language.”
This collection includes:
Master Spanish Through Reading: Here you will start to build up your reading skills with 12 short but interesting articles on a variety of different subjects from Spanish Life to Popular Music. Perfect for high elementary learners wishing to enter the intermediate level.
Master Spanish in 12 Topics, Vol 1&2: Here you will really start to drill down and learn topic specific vocabulary. We cover a huge range of topics from `romance` to `crime` and everything in-between. This will help you speak at a solid intermediate level on a variety of topics that you will come across in your everyday life.
Benefits of using this book:
Discover over 680 new essential words through reading engaging but accessible articles on everyday topics.
Start thinking in Spanish. This book is 100% in Spanish but is written in a way that will help you build up your language skills in a structured way.
Move past basic `textbook` vocabulary. Master the vocabulary essential for speaking about real life topics and situations.
If you are ready to move out of the elementary level and build your intermediate Spanish comprehension, then this collection is the perfect stepping stone. Click the buy button up top to get started today.
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