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Dear Dana FAQs About Dating After Narcissistic Abuse


Break free from toxic relationships once and for all.

Dating is challenging enough in general, but if you’ve been through the emotional meat grinder of a toxic relationship, then it is even more difficult. You may struggle with fear and self-doubt, and you may wonder if it’s even possible for you to trust again, let alone fall in love. You may get all kinds of well-intended or invalidating bad advice, such as, “You need to let down your guard and love like you’ve never been hurt,” or “Not every man (or woman) out there is like your ex.” You want to believe what these people say, but deep down, you have so many questions and you doubt your own judgment.

In Dear Dana: FAQs about Dating after Narcissistic Abuse, you will discover:

-       How to stop attracting narcissists

-       What makes a relationship dysfunctional

-       What makes a relationship healthy

-       Red flags in online dating

-       Early red flags of abuse

-       When to tell your new partner about your abusive ex

-       How to tell the difference between listening to your fear and listening to                your intuition

-       How to know when you are ready to date again

-       How to know if your standards are too high

-       How to determine if a person is a narcissist

And much more.

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