Walter Wager


An edgy Cold War thriller, perfect for fans of The Manchurian Candidate and other terrifying conspiracy novels.
The Russians called the project TELEFON.
Collect 430 first-class English speakers who’d never left the country. Drill them in every detail of American life and then hand-pick the top students for drug-assisted hypnosis. Every one of them believes he is the American whose papers he carried, and every one of them has been programmed to destroy a target in the United States. The trigger is a coded phone message. It was a brilliant plan. But now, at the wrong time, it was being executed by the wrong man and the Russians must stop TELEFON by dispatching their own special agents to the United States. This “doozy of a thriller,” which was made into a classic film starring Charles Bronson, is now available in eBook format for the first time (The New York Times).
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