Carol Wolper

Adapt or Wait Tables

Inability to adapt is the new illiteracy and freelancing is becoming America’s new normal. What 2008 taught America was not just that derivatives are dangerous and the housing market doesn’t rise forever. It also taught us that survival requires juggling and pivoting, two skills that any freelancer is forced to acquire if they want to keep paying their rent. Adapt or Die is a mix of information, tricks and advice for all the freelancers out there, and the ones who will be stepping onto that playing field as they graduate from college. Written by a freelance writer who has spent the past two decades covering Hollywood and the world of pop culture and fashion, their tips for survival are laced with gossip and references to the famous as well as what they call the “secret celebrities” whose paths they have crossed. Consider this an entertaining how-to manual for anyone with ambition and no road map.
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    Too often, the idea person thinks that simply having the idea is doing their part. They think they’ve already contributed their 50%—some think the idea is 90%—and all the writer is doing is filling in the blanks. These people don’t understand that having the idea is really just the fun part. If feels good. It’s a champagne high. People give you props for your creativity. They tell you how clever you are and laugh at your snappy insights.
    Julia P77compartió una citael año pasado
    Overconfidence and a sense of entitlement can lead to weakened survival skills.

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