Brigitte Gawenda Kimichik,JR Tomlinson

Play Nice

An accessible guide to understanding what qualifies as sexual harassment and how to combat it, using the simple rules children learn on the playground.
One of today’s most hotly discussed topics is sexual harassment in the workplace: what it looks like, how to prevent it, and what to do about it. So many people don’t realize that they have been victims of sexual harassment or that they have a right to speak up and demand different treatment. Many don’t realize that they are committing it, thanks certain behaviors being dismissed, forgiven, or ignored for many years when they should have been corrected long ago. In the heat of today’s #MeToo movement, Brigitte Gawenda Kimichik, JD, and J.R Tomlinson take things back to basics by applying the rules we all learned on the playground to the modern-day workplace, thus making clear to everyone what is and what isn’t OK.
Play Nice: Playground Rules for Respect in the Workplace is an indispensable resource—both for empowering those who wish to reassert their boundaries and for teaching allies how to help in this fight.
Praise for Play Nice
“Chock full of smart, strategic advice to help anyone suffering from toxic behavior in the workplace. When you finish this book, you will realize that equal rights for women is not some far-off ideal but a reality that that soon can be achieved.” —Skip Hollandsworth, Executive Editor, Texas Monthly
“For real change to occur, it is imperative that we all start holding ourselves responsible for ensuring everyone is treated respectfully. Play Nice is a giant step in the right direction. This book should be mandatory reading for all organizations and parents.” —Vanessa Fox
Corp. VP, Chief Development Officer, Jack in the Box
“This is a must-read for any human resources executive, any woman embarking on her professional career, and any bystander (male or female) who is not sure what to do when faced with bad behavior.” —Joel L. Ross, former General Counsel of Trammell Crow Company and retired partner of Vinson & Elkins LLP
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