Johannes Gerloff

The Palestinians

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Johannes Gerloff, born in 1963, is a professional journalist, a studied theologian and he is German. With all that carries with it in relation to Germany’s past history with the Jewish people – culminating in the Holocaust during the NA ZI regime in WWII – it is that much more significant that Johannes and his wife and children have lived in Israel for the past 22 years.

A unique and refreshing balance

His many and varied contacts among Israelis, Arabs and Palestinians at all levels of society – from shepherds to saints, from common laborers to high level government officials – have given him unique access to the hearts and minds of the people as well as deep insight into the issues they are dealing with.

You can be part of the Middle East peace process!

Your opinion and what you do with it is important! This book will help that opinion to be one that is well informed!
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