David Long

Bizarre England

Bizarre England is an intriguing tour of England's weirdest and most fascinating sights. Places like Devon's Gnome Reserve, Britain's smallest pub, a church for dragon slayers, a subterranean ballroom and much more. From weird buildings to eccentric museums and from mystical superstitions to remnants of magical rites, this is a guide to England like no other.
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    This book’s a bunch of entertaining facts grouped by topic. An interesting read


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    Who knew, for example, that Her Majesty the Queen uses her handbag to send coded messages to members of staff, or that she was once barred from an event at Windsor by a castle guard who mistook her for ‘some old dear’ who had lost her way?
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    valuable natural preservative
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    As he’d just finished ransacking various monasteries in an attempt to raise funds to fight his father this early demise may have been no bad thing.

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