Alfred North Whitehead,Ralph B. Winn,Fay B. Karpf

Psychology Classics

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Three classic texts in one: essays by Alfred North Whitehead, an authoritative study of Otto Rank, and an essential reference book on hypnosis.
In Science and Philosophy, Alfred North Whitehead presents his mature thought on topics ranging from education to science and mathematics; from the theories of John Dewey to Albert Einstein. These collected essays cover his positions in a deep and extraordinarily unified way.
Austrian psychologist Otto Rank is one of the most influential figures of modern psychotherapy. A protégé́ of Sigmund Freud, he made significant developments in the fields of analysis, psychotherapy, counseling, education, and social work. In The Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank, social psychologist Fay B. Karpf—who studied with Rank—presents an authoritative analysis of his pioneering work and legacy.
Dictionary of Hypnosis has been an essential text on the subject since its first publication in 1965. Written by psychology professor Dr. Ralph B. Winn, this wide-ranging reference book provides a substantial amount of information on the history of hypnosis and its various uses in contemporary medicine, psychology and other sciences.
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