Robert Marzullo

Learn to Draw Action Heroes

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a superhero drawing book!
Professional comic book artist and YouTube guru Robert Marzullo teaches you the building blocks of creating your own action heroes and explosive comic book scenes. Easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations break down advanced drawings into basic shapes and shading for you to replicate and master before applying your newfound knowledge to create your own dynamic comic book characters and settings.
INCLUDES50+ step-by-step demonstrationsChapters on drawing faces, bodies, character details and scenesInstruction on depicting both superhuman men and women using different perspectives, expressions, proportions and posesIdeas for costumes, such as basic cuffs, capes, helmets, armor and weaponryTips for rendering power effects, from flying and wall smashing to magic-orb wielding and energy blastingLessons on blocking in a scene to create powerful comic panels that tell a story
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