Mike Campbell,Sheena Chen

Chinese Mandarin Fluency 1: Glossika Mass Sentences

Glossika Mass Sentences
• Fluency training for serious language learners.
• Recommended as supplementary training to your current studies; some working knowledge required; good for brushing up or breaking through plateau.
• 1000 bilingual sentences with pronunciation guide.
• Complete course includes book + audio(Available from www.glossika.com, upcoming on Audible).
• Listen to sample sentences: www.glossika.com/shop/learnchinese/sku-enzh-b1-pkg/
• This is a fix-layout, non-text-searchable ebook.
• Authentic language used by native speakers, building up sentence structures.
• Audio training sold separately; straight through recordings are called GMS; 100-day spaced repetition are called GSR.
• This book serves as reference material to the audio training.
• Lots of repetition of key sentence components and vocabulary.
• Introduces how to render foreign names and place names.
• All sentences are bilingual in format, including native script, pinyin, and IPA (in phonetic-not phonemic-spoken form).
• You can skip to anywhere within the product and practice and focus on the parts you need.
• Informal, friendly language. Formal language used where appropriate.
• Audio sold separately.
• GMS recordings include 20 tracks of interpretation training.
• GMS and GSR Audio do not require a book or computer.
• Basic 1: predicates, adjectives, nouns, present and past verbs, habitual, continuous and completed actions
• Basic 2: Passive vs Active, Future Actions, Modal Verbs and Commands, Existential, Indirect Speech, Causative, Verbals (Gerunds, Infinitives)
• Basic 3: Verbals (Gerunds, Infinitives), Modals, Adjectives + Verbs, Prepositions + Verbs, Reflexives, Adjectives and Adverbs, Conjunctions and Prepositions, Verbs + Prepositions.
• If you're serious about getting fluent in 3 months, follow our intensive schedule to finish Basic 1–3 in 3 months.
• Training of 1000 sentences, cumulatively surpassing much more than 1000 vocabulary words, but always used in context as collocations.
• Mandarin course includes in-line translation to help you identify the parts of speech.
• Mandarin course includes simplified, traditional, pinyin and IPA as embedded fonts.
• Basic Pronunciation Guide (full pronunciation guide sold separate)
• No grammar or explanations.
• Not recommended for casual learners or travelers (a separate Travel Fluency Module is available)
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