Katherine Garbera

Cinderella's Convenient Husband (Mills & Boon Desire) (Dynasties: The Connellys – Book 10)

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Wealthy Chicago attorney Seth Connelly told himself he'd married Lynn McCoy only to save her family ranch. The Sagebrush, Montana, spread had once been his salvation, though Lynn had been his nemesis. But the troublemaking brat had turned into a fresh-faced beauty…. Though only days from foreclosure, Lynn was no Cinderella waiting to be rescued. Just as well, since silver-eyed Seth was no Prince Charming. She fantasized about the only kiss they'd ever shared, fourteen years ago, and yearned to be held again in his rock-hard arms. To be made his wife, in every sense of the word. Seth wanted marriage, too--but without love. Or so his loner heart said….
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    Sekar Chamdicompartió una citahace 5 años
    Mine is a love that isn’t going to end or change even if you can’t ever say the words

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