Barbara Dawson Smith,Brenda Joyce,Jill Jones,Rexanne Becnel

Scandalous Weddings

The Scorching Saga of the Braggs Continues!
Never A Bride
Rebelliously independent Lady Nicole Bragg Shelton refuses to be constrained by the stifling rules of Victorian England. And now desire has impelled the beautiful heiress toward a shocking liaison with Hadrian Braxton-Lowell, Duke of Clayborough.
Bound by the dictates of honor and duty to another woman, Hadrian is hocked by Nicole's daring conduct, yet entranced by her fiery free spirit and breathtaking sensuality. Though resolved to making the raven-haired beauty his mistress, he will never agree to wed her. But Nicole is no man's plaything. And she is prepared to risk heartache in order to satisfy her wild, uncompromising passion . . . and win the dashing Duke's unwavering loyalty and undying love.
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HarperCollins, Avon
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