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Kate Hewitt

The Secret Kept from the Italian

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The Italian's ruthless vow: he will claim his one-night baby!
Looking up from the table she's serving, waitress Maisie Dobson is horrified to meet the intense gaze of Antonio Rossi, merciless billionaire and father of her child! Rejected after one mind-blowing night, Maisie kept her unexpected pregnancy a secret. Antonio's determined to claim his daughter, but their connection reminds Maisie that she still has to protect her heart – because billionaires don't wed waitresses… do they?
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    It had taken Tariq Khan five years to die from the stroke that had left him a shadow of his former self, during which time Zane had managed to drag the country’s oil industry out of the dark ages, begin a series of infrastructure projects that would eventually bring electricity, water mains and even internet access to the country’s remote landscape.

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