Carla Kelly,Lyn Stone,Gail Ranstrom

Regency Christmas Gifts

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{"strong"=>["Scarlet Ribbons"], “em”=>[" by Lyn Stone”]}
Captain Alexander Napier is battle-scarred — from war and from life. For him, yuletide is just a reminder of all that he’s lost. Can enchanting Amalie Harlowe restore light into the festive season…and reignite the passion in his heart?
{"strong"=>["Christmas Promise “], “em”=>["by Carla Kelly”]}
Now that peace has broken out, Captain Jeremiah Faulk is at odds over what to do this Christmas, let alone with his life. Until a simple act of charity reunites him with a lost love — Ianthe Mears. . .
{"strong"=>[" A Little Christmas"], “em”=>[" by Gail Ranstrom "]}
Tending to a houseful of relatives isn’t Viscount Selwick’s idea of a merry Christmas. But one stolen kiss under the mistletoe with spirited Sophia Pettibone is about to change everything!
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