Claude Viens

How To Overcome Man's Biggest Obstacle

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How does a fat lazy low income 45 year old man living in a mobile home turn out to be a strong lean healthy 50 year old man living in a half-million dollar home? Author and motivational speaker Claude Viens tells the story, his own story in his conference speech “How to overcome man’s biggest obstacle”.

Claude Viens is a 54 year old Lighting designer and director but a storyteller who doubles as a Motivational Speaker – a personal dream since the age of 12. Having toured with so many renowned artists which are mostly comedians for the past 20 years; it is succinct to mention that Claude has been over-weight and as such consciously or unconsciously out of shape most of his life!

Unwarrantedly, his bad health had really gotten out of hand as at that time when he was in his mid-40’s as he had already turned into nothing but a low income man with no libido for effort or any ambition whatsoever. Thus, approaching age 50, he decided to turn things around by taking calculated control of his health and finances!

Interestingly, in his quest for searching out for a different solution to obesity and bad health behavior, Claude chose to concentrate on the psychological aspect of getting healthy; which invariably berthed the book he successfully wrote and titled: THE MOST POWERFUL WEIGHT LOSS DEVICE EVER MADE - THE HUMAN BRAIN.
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